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Disability Plans

If you become ill or injured wage replacement is vital

If you become ill or injured, and you are unable to go to work on a temporary basis, Short Term Disability policies will typically pay you 60% of your base salary for 12-24 weeks.

Would you be able to support your monthly expenses if you were not receiving a regular paycheck?  Do you have a savings account and would it cover your basic expenses for three to six months? If not, having a Short Term Disability policy may be able to bridge the gap between thriving and financial ruin.

Long Term Disability is designed to replace a portion of your income, and create peace of mind when your Short Term Policy ends, and is designed to extend disability coverage for a period of two to five years. The additional time allows for healing, retraining should you require a change in career, and financially protects your family while you're getting back on your feet.

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Short and Long Term Disability policies are designed to work together. When you purchase one, or both, you can rest assured that your regular expenses will be partially replaced each month.

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