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What do you charge for your services? 

Unlike other type of professionals, I do not charge you for my services. They are free to you always.

How do you get paid?

When you enroll in a health plan and designate me as your broker, I receive commissions from the health insurance company. Depending on the type of policy, I might receive a monthly commission, or a renewal commission once each year. Each carrier determines whether they will pay a specific fee per member, or a percentage of the overall premium received each billing period.

Will my premium go up if I use your services? 

Not at all. The commission fees are built in the premium, and it does not change when you do, or do not, use the services of a broker. If you are a large employer group, commission rates might be negotiated and added to your premium. But, my client base is typically small business owners and that would not apply.

What services do I receive by asking you to be my broker?

Brokers are the bridge - liaison - between you and the insurance company. Depending on your broker's experience and skill in the industry will determine how comprehensive their services will be. I've been working in the health insurance industry since 1979 and have experienced multiple facets both as an employee at an insurance company, and as a broker. To read more of my story, please go to my About page to learn more about my history, experience, and qualifications.

Can you help me if I've never before purchased employee benefits for my company? 

Absolutely, yes! For much of my career, my focus has been assisting small employers in helping them establish new benefit packages for their employees. I am able to help you with your first questions, to implementing the plans, to providing services for many years.

As a small employer, what do you need from us to provide a quote? 

Since each group quote is customized for your company, there is specific information I need to collect. I've provided two fill-able forms for you to complete and return to me, either by email or fax. 1) Group Company Information Sheet, and 2) Group Employee Census Form. Please click the link below to access the forms.


I want to purchase an individual health plan. Can I enroll at any time?Unfortunately, no. The Affordable Care Act eliminated the use of medical underwriting, and replaced it with an annual open enrollment period each year. As of this writing, from November 1st through December 14th, you may shop and enroll in a new medical plan, for a January 1st effective date. Having said that, there are certain criteria that may allow you to be eligible to enroll under special circumstances. Please click here to review a list of qualifying events where you may enroll under a special enrollment period.

Can you help me if I've just lost my previous coverage? 

Yes, for sure. Please contact me right away to discuss your situation, and I'll guide you to your best option. It's important to act within a specific time frame when making use of special enrollment periods.


I'm turning 65 soon. Can you help educate me on how to enroll in a Medicare plan? 

Yes. Since 2003 I've been helping Medicare Beneficiaries through the process of enrolling in Medicare plans when newly eligible, during special enrollment periods, and also at open enrollment. Please take a look at my Medicare page for more information. 

Health insurance is so overwhelming. Can you help me understand my plan options? 

Yes, I consider myself an expert in communicating health plan options. Medical insurance comes with many words and descriptions that are unique to health insurance and have their own unique meaning. I'm here to interpret them for you and help you fully understand what they mean. I've also provided downloadable .pdf documents with a glossary of many frequently used health insurance and medical terms.


If I have a claim problem, are you available to help me with that? 

Yes, if a claim problem arises that you are not able to find resolution through the insurance carrier's customer service, I can step in and get the answers that you need. Just call me to discuss your situation, and I'll know how to find the right person or department to answer and resolve your issue. I'll do the talking for you!

Why have you asked me to complete a Scope of Appointment form before we meet to discuss my Medicare options? 

The Centers of Medicare Services has created this document as a way to protect consumers from unethical brokers; brokers who may use a Medicare meeting to up-sell other insurance products. It's standard procedure to collect this signed and initialed Scope of Appointment form in advance of our Medicare meetings, so we are both in full agreement with what we will discuss during our time together. It's important to return this form to me prior to our scheduled meeting. 

Why should I trust you? 

It's always been my core value to put ethical behavior before any opportunity to make money. I promise to never sell you a product you clearly don't need. I promise to always do my best to explain things as thoroughly as possible. I promise to give my best to you on an on-going basis, and build a relationship that will go the distance. I have an excellent track record in my life long career and it's because I hold true to high standards in conducting business.

May I visit your office when we set up a meeting? 

Unfortunately that's not possible. I'm self-employed and work out of my home office. I'm happy to meet with you where you feel comfortable; around your dining room table, at your office building, or at a coffee shop.

What is the best way for me to contact you? 

My contact page, a phone call, or text. Also, you can send me a note through Facebook messenger from my Dailey Insurance Services page.