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Short-Term Medical

Temporary coverage might be the answer

Do you know what type of coverage is available to  you when you're waiting for your new employer plan to begin, or you want the assurance that you're protected before an open enrollment period arrives?  Short-Term Medical plans are designed to be temporary and affordable medical plans, which pay for your in-patient and out-patient provider services.  Short-Term Medical policies protect you from the risk of financial loss should you become newly sick or injured.

Short-Term Medical policies do not necessarily comply with the rules set forth within the Affordable Care Act, so therefore do not comply with the required mandates. They typically do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, and most do require that you meet underwriting criteria for a few medical conditions to be accepted into the plan. Currently, there is a limitation of 90 days maximum coverage on Short-Term Medical options.

Affordable, temporary

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