Life Insurance Policies

We all can use more peace of mind

Life Insurance offers peace of mine that your loved ones, those who are dependent on you, will maintain a level of continuity in their standard of living for a period of time following your death. It creates a window of time to allow for grieving and the re-structuring of their resources, so they can financially move forward in a healthy, stress-free way.

To provide a quote, I'll ask you for the following information:


-Your date of birth      

-Your gender

-Do you use tobacco in any form?

-The face amount you want your policy to pay

-Do you engage in any high-risk activities such as skydiving?

-You overall state of health an any history that might affect the underwriting of your policy

-Do you want a Term or Cash Value policy?

For policies with face amounts that are at a higher level of coverage, we will also collect financial information. Most policies require some type of medical exam.

Don't put it off any longer

If you've been thinking about purchasing a life policy, now may be a good time to call and discuss your options. 

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