Long Term Care

1 out of every 4 americans need help with activities of daily living

Long Term Care insurance is your solution to covering the cost of ongoing care when your needs extend beyond the improvement of your health through medical services. When you receive assistance for the daily activities of living, it's typically outside the scope of what your health plan and/or Medicare will pay.   


To qualify for this type of policy, an application is taken and will include your medical history and a medical exam. Premiums are determined by your current state of health and your age at the time you apply. While not inexpensive, it will insure you against financial loss by draining your life's savings which you've worked so hard to accrue throughout your lifetime. Long Term Care insurance offers you the choice of where you will receive ongoing care, whether at home or at a facility, and the level of coverage chosen determines the amount of your daily benefit.


When two out of six activities of daily living require the help of a caregiver, you would qualify to receive benefits.  Daily living activities are things such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Long Term Care insurance is the perfect solution when you need care the most. These types of policies are structured so that a specific dollar amount per day, is paid to your caregiver, for an extended period of time.

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